The Cello Dress

Firstly I’d like to thank myknittingblog for the first comment, I feel like I belong now!

I designed and made this dress and trouser combination about eight or nine years ago, for my best friend Kerstin. She plays the cello and needed a dress that she could wear for performances.

The design process was quite challenging, although it might not be immediately apparent. I initially drew the design and then made a first version out of cotton, which enabled me to make some minor edits and changes as I was sewing the cotton version.

Kerstin had bought some satin/silk in this luscious red. It’s not very visible on these pictures, but the dress is basically open on both sides to just above the hip. This ensures that the bellbottom trousers go underneath and while Kerstin is wearing the dress it looks like it is one dress. However, when she sits down the legs come out, so enabling her to play the Cello.

It was challenging making this combination, but also very rewarding, as my friend was very happy and pleased with the end result.

And doesn’t she look lovely in it?!

One Response to “The Cello Dress”

  1. It’s a great dress!!! Must point out some of the details such as the buttons – they are amazing and were so much hard work!
    I still think you should try and do something with the design…I think there is a huge cello playing market out there!!! x

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