Well Suited

I just finished a multi-coloured overall for my niece or nephew and I’m really pleased with it.





I followed suggestions by my friends and made it with cotton rather than wool. The colours I chose at random, but I think they work really well together. I was trying to buy some new buttons on the weekend, but then decided to just go with some I still had.

Buttons Galore

Buttons Galore

Here you can see the buttons in all their glory. It makes the little overalls even more colourful, but I think it works.

dscf4786 dscf4788

dscf4791 dscf4790

4 Responses to “Well Suited”

  1. Soo cute Anna! Really talented my friend… going to be the best dressed tot in town!

  2. can you make them in adult sizes too? i’d like an all in one too 🙂

  3. woman, it looks very very cute. i particularly like the buttons… x

  4. I like all the buttons, although it would take a baby a long time to get into this, they’d be late for their playing appointments I’d wager…

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