Summer’s Coming, Here’s a Dress

I really like the pattern for this little baby dress. It’s from a German Burda Magazine from October 2005.  I think it looks particularly cute with the little red bow.


The colour combination works well I think, especially as summer is on its way. I used some very leightweight cotton, and a piece of satin ribbon for the bow.


The dress is for a friend of mine who’s going to be giving it to one of her friends. I hope everyone likes it!


I chose some see through buttons as that keeps it nice and simple.


One Response to “Summer’s Coming, Here’s a Dress”

  1. it’s very lovely, Anna. gorgeous blog too, i will pass it on to my crafty friends. it’s a shame you didn’t get to meet mum, she’s an incredible knitter. hopefully your paths will cross before too long…xk

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