Keeping Baby Warm

My friend in the US received the baby blanket I made a few weeks ago just yesterday and I just realised that I hadn’t added it on here, so here it is. She’s just had her first little one, a little baby girl and this will keep her very warm.
I used some Karisma Superwash 100% wool from the folks at Scandinavian Knitting. I think it looks good and the colours work well. It’s always difficult picking colours for other people, but I seem to have managed quite well so far.
I love making these blankets as they turn out really nice and heavy and perfect for little ones, or so I’ve been told. 🙂
By the way, I’ve also recently opened a shop on Etsy, check it out. So far there are only a few items on there, but I first want to see what happens!

2 Responses to “Keeping Baby Warm”

  1. Sarah Lafferty Says:

    I ordered this blanket for new niece and it is absolutely beautiful and a bit larger than the picture suggests. I wish I had a blanket like this when I was little! I can highly recommend this for an original but practical baby gift.

  2. Hi honey,

    I really like these and the colours you chose and would like to buy one for baby Daisy Kate. How much are they retailing for?


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