70s Style, Retro Baby Blanket

My summer knitting so far as consisted of two baby blankets. I forget how long these take me, but the last one I managed to knit in about three weeks, rather than the normal four to five weeks. I’ve got another three on order, but am currently focusing on knitting my mother a tunic/dress and myself a cardigan. However, here are some pictures of the first blanket (I’ll add the other one later):
I really enjoyed knitting this blanket, as the stripes were nice and thin, although it did feel like me skeins of wool would never end. I also had to figure out a way to hide the thread on the outside, so I twisted it in the same direction every time I had to change, it makes it look like quite a nice finish.
This blanket was made for a colleague at work who is having a baby in September and she chose the colours. I actually think they work really well! So, remember to find me on Etsy and Folksy.

7 Responses to “70s Style, Retro Baby Blanket”

  1. That’s lovely! Great colours together. Lucky baby! 😀

  2. Lovely ice cream colours, looks so cosy.

  3. Love the colours, very quirky!

  4. I love this one!! It’s going to be a tough decision to make when my neice/newphew arrives! Anymore blankets coming up? I think you should create a catalogue that I could pick and chose from LOL 🙂 I’m only being cheeky.

    Keep these trendy blankets coming… come November I’m putting my order in – should know the sex of the bump by then. I know they will love the blanket, it’s a priceless gift for new arrivals and one that will not only look stylish but practical as well

  5. annatestadoro Says:

    I’ve got two more blankets in the ‘pipeline’, but they are not for any particular babies yet, just for a friend who really likes them. I’ve kind of got a catalogue on Etsy and Folksy, links above. Also, I will be adding a gallery to my blog, once I’ve figured out how best to do this.

    Looking forward to getting your order, maybe some funky colours?

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