Little Red Dress

I just finished knitting a dress for my niece Clara. It’s from a pattern over at Garnstudio. It was really nice and easy to knit. It’s meant to be knitted with Merino wool, but I decided to use a nice red cotton, as little Clara apparently always gets really hot in wool. Maybe this will be better for her.
I like the fact that it was so easy to knit and even the borders were really easy. I’ve not crochet in a while, so had to look up some of the terms up, but managed to do it. Also, this is the first time that I’ve knitted in moss stitch, which has worked out really well. I really like the fact that I’m trying new things, now I just have to try out knitting cables.
I found it a little hard to photograph as the colour didn’t come out very well, but I think putting it on a yellow background seems to have worked.
The cotton was really nice to knit, it also meant that I my fingers wouldn’t get too hot whilst knitting.

7 Responses to “Little Red Dress”

  1. This is such a cute little dress, I know Clara will look so gorgeous in it. One thing to add is that while it looks great in the picture it looks even better in real life (I thought people should know!)

    How long did it take you to knit? And did you use special needle to create this look?

    Can’t wait to see more of your pieces!

  2. annatestadoro Says:

    I know, I can’t wait to see her in it! Thanks for the comment, it does look even better in real life. I’m not sure why I can’t take a good picture of it.

    It took me about three evenings in front of the TV to knit. I used a circular needle to make sure that I didn’t have any seams on the side.

  3. That’s soo sweet! Such a pretty colour and I love the edging 😀

  4. Cute dress! That’s an interesting tip about photographing on the yellow background – I always find red very hard to photograph. I’ll have to try your idea! 😀

    • annatestadoro Says:

      Ah, thanks so much for your comment. Sorry for the delay in coming back to you. Yes, I’m glad I discovered the yellow background for red knitwear, it seems to work well.

  5. completely adorable!

  6. Hello, Anna! Many thanks for visiting me…so great to meet you and find your wonderful place here. I just LOVE this little dress… Love the delicate details. Thanks for the link to the pattern. I’d love to knit this for my niece. Isn’t is hard sometimes photographing certain colors–sometimes trial and error is the only thing… I look forward to stopping by here again. Happy Day :o)

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