Booties and Hat Combo in Blue

There are a couple of things I make that are well received, these include the blankets and the bonnet and booties. So, here’s another booties and bonnet combo.
I made this for my friend and colleague Simon, he’s found out that good friends of his are having their first baby, and it’s a boy. Hence the choice of blue and white, I think it looks quite classy.
And I keep remembering that I’ve been meaning to write up the booties pattern, but still haven’t managed to do so. It will come I promise!
I used some of my leftover wool from my stash that I’ve slowly been using up. As far as I remember it’s pure wool, so it’ll keep baby warm and cosy, especially as he’s going to make his appearance during winter. It’ll be nice to hear what mum amd dad-to-be will think.

6 Responses to “Booties and Hat Combo in Blue”

  1. Very, very sweet, Anna! I just love the bright blue…One little boy will be looking very good in these. :o)

  2. They look really lovely! I like the blue and white together; gives a nice contrast. Ros

  3. They are lovely, I’m sure the baby will be delighted with such a gorgeous shade of blue.

  4. what a sweet little gift set, the baby-to-be will look completely adorable!

    the booties are so cute – i look forward to you getting the pattern written up!

  5. I love the bonnet especially Am sure it’ll be warm and cosy! Lucky baby!

  6. Wicked colours Anna! Really nice and bold, is this a new type of wool too? Love it – especially with winter coming up it should inspire some great snuggly designs for hats and boots

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