A Gorgeous Hat for a Gorgeous Girl

I’m so pleased that I can share a picture of my friends little girl (Nina) wearing one of the hats I’ve made. I wrote about it here: https://annagueldenhaupt.wordpress.com/2009/05/25/bonnie-bonnet/. And now look at this gorgeous little girl:

When I was making the hat I was really worried that it would be too small, but she’s nearly ten months old (I think I remember that right) and it still fits perfectly.

And that’s a good thing too, especially for this time of year, when it’s getting bitterly cold.

3 Responses to “A Gorgeous Hat for a Gorgeous Girl”

  1. oh my goodness – what a cutie! your hat looks completely adorable on her.

  2. She wears it well–she has some beautiful blue eyes!

  3. That’s a very sweet little hat. Perfect for this bitterly cold weather. It will keep her ears lovely and toasty. Love the colours too. Have a good weekend. Ros

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