Bolero/Jacket in Grey

Another finished project, this time one for me. It’s rare that I actually make something for myself. Mostly, because it takes that much longer to finish it. I like the fact that baby clothes are much, much quicker. In the end it didn’t actually take that much longer, as it was such an easy knit. .It’s a really easy pattern from Garnstudio.

It calls for two Alpaca yarns and I actually liked the colour choice on the pattern, so I decided to use them. I think it’s worked out really well and it looks especially good when it’s on.

The nice thing about knitting this cardigan was the fact that it was all knitted in one piece. Thus avoiding any seams and it just makes it look that much smoother. I might even make another one in a different colour combination. Especially as it works really well over both long-sleeved, short-sleeved and tops without any sleeves.

I also managed to pick some really nice mother of pearl buttons that I found amongst my mother’s stash (she did actually give them to me), but I think they work really well. I thought they might be too small for the button holes, but they work perfectly.

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