Jumpsuit for Baby Prasad

So here’s the first finished piece for baby Prasad. It’s a little jumpsuit that’s come from the guys over at Garnstudio. It was a really nice knit as it was knitted on double pointed needles, with really nice baby merino yarn.

I think the colour combination has worked out really well I think, especially as it’s not yet sure whether baby Prasad is a boy or girl yet, but who knows that might become apparent on 29. September. No matter though, the yellow and beige combination will work either way.

The top looks quite nice with the mixture of different stitches and it gives the jumpsuit a very nice finish. I do think it’s also going to be very nice and warm for the little one.

It was quite an easy knit, but it did take a while, maybe because it was such thin yarn. But it might have also helped that I wasn’t really rushing it. I’ve been knitting two things at one time for a change, I normally just try and stick to one piece at a time. But because the other item is a baby blanket, which always takes much, much longer, I like to knit something else at the same time so that I can finish something a little quicker.

Watch this space here, loads more things coming that are meant for baby Prasad.

6 Responses to “Jumpsuit for Baby Prasad”

  1. That’s really lovely! I agree, the colour combination works really well. It will be lovely and warm! By the way, thanks for sending me the little bootees pattern. Have good week. Ros

    • annatestadoro Says:

      Oh thank you so much Ros, it’s the first piece for my little one :-).

      Do let me know how you get on with the bootees. Anna

  2. what a sweet little jumpsuit!
    i love all the perfect little details.

    • annatestadoro Says:

      Thank you so much Melissa! It’s for my baby, which is due in February.

      Because my clients haven’t been told yet, I have to refer to him/her with my fiance’s name ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. This is very cute Anna : )

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