Fun Baby Leggings

Another item for baby Prasad, this time a pair of fun little leggings. I chose some left over yarn in a really fun yellow, red and orange. This is the front view. It was quite an easy knit as I knitted them like socks, but just longer.

I did think at one point that it might be a little warm for a little one, but as this one arrives in February it’ll probably be perfect for her.  Here’s the back view, it’s got quite a nice pattern, which is a result of the shaping for the legs.

I used one of the Garnstudio patterns, but can’t remember which one it was as I knitted it a couple of months ago.

2 Responses to “Fun Baby Leggings”

  1. These are very cute! Love the stripy colourway! Ros

  2. What a cute idea! I can just imagine how cute they would be a little baby legs.

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