Soft Quilt for Baby Prasad

Even though I’ve been making lots of knitted baby blankets in recent years, I also used to make smallish baby quilts. Although, I often don’t do any actual quilting, apart from some minor sections. I prefer to patchwork the top and then chose a nicely coloured piece of fabric for the bottom, then in the middle I use some wadding to make it nice and soft.

And even though I know that we’re having a little girl, I still decided to use a good selection of yellows, a nice red and green, with a nice pinkish bottom piece of fabric. It’s worked out well, and is nice and soft.

This quilt brings my collection of blankets to three, a woollen one, a cotton one and this one. I think I should probably stop making blankets now, but they’re nice and easy to knit/make and I love the idea of being able to chose very different colours.

3 Responses to “Soft Quilt for Baby Prasad”

  1. Lovely quilt! Such pretty colours. Ros

  2. this is fantastic! i love the bold design and colors. baby is going to love laying on it to play.
    can you just imagine her rolling over for the first time on this lovely quilt!?!?

  3. Hello, Anna! Thank you for visiting me this past weekend–fun to see you creative place in turn! LOVE this quilt… the simplicity of design and harmony of color make it a great finish. And congrats that it will be a baby girl for you–aaawww… HOORAY! :o)

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