Hat and Sock Combo

This combo was an order from a friend and old colleague of mine. I actually taught her how to knit a couple of years ago and she made the cutest little baby blanket for a friend of hers who had a little baby girl. We used to have regular knitting evenings, during which we always had baked Camembert for dinner…yum!

The bonnet is the same pattern from the folk at Garnstudio. I decided this time to actually use thicker yarn, which I think has worked out really well.

We picked the red and blue as we didn’t know whether it was going to be a boy or girl, in fact I still don’t know. Maybe I should check with my friend, as I think the little one arrived late last year.

I also decided to make a pair of socks, rather than my usual booties.

I love how these have worked out, and think the combination of the two different colours is ingenious (even if I say so myself :-)).

All together, I think this was a good gift and I’m sure the recipient loved them.

One Response to “Hat and Sock Combo”

  1. i just love this set.

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