Socks Galore: These Will Certainly Keep Baby Prasad Warm

I’ve been told that one can never have too many socks for a little one, which is part of the reason why made a number of different ones. Mostly they’re from the same pattern, but I made sure that they’re in different colours, to keep it interesting. I’ve heard that they fit really well and don’t fall off very often, which is always a good sign. I wouldn’t want our little one to get cold feet.

I like these ones, as I was able to use quite a lot of my leftover yarn for these. Plus, I think that blue would work for either a little boy or a girl. I’m still not 100% sure that it’s definitely a boy. After all if the sonographers got it wrong three times, they might have also got it wrong the last time. Not that it really matters, as long as little one is healthy!

These are from a stash of Drops Alpaca, so are extra, extra soft. I decided to not knit in rib for the top of the sock, just to make them look a little bit different. I think it works well, but maybe they just look a little bit on the bigger side. Nonetheless, I’m sure they’ll be fine once they’re on.

And here’s another pair made from another leftover stash of yellow Drops Alpaca, so they’re super soft!

4 Responses to “Socks Galore: These Will Certainly Keep Baby Prasad Warm”

  1. Aww, cute!! Love the pic of them all lined up, so adorable 🙂

  2. Lovely socks!!!! Ros

  3. Those are darling!

  4. what a wonderful parade of socks! baby’s feet will be kept warm indeed!

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