Long Awaited Baby Blanket

This is another one of my baby blankets that I made for a friend probably over a year ago, shame on me that I’m only adding it on here now! My friend asked me to make two of these blankets, one for herself and one for her brother. It was quite funny because neither one had kids yet or was pregnant, but she loved them so much when she saw some that I was making for other friends that she asked me to make her two as well.

I remember when she was picking the colours, I think she took pretty much one entire evening to pick the right ones. I do think they work extremely well and would be fine for a boy or girl!  I also decided to change the stitches up a little bit, so used moss stitch on the border and then a combination of purl and knit for the actual body of the blanket.

If you look closely you can see that the white is changed a tad at the end, that’s because I actually ran out of the normal white that I was using. I don’t think it’s that obvious though, and I’m probably the only one that notices it.

These blankets always take quite a while, but they’re definitely a hit with people. I always hope that they may become a baby’s security blanket or something like that and that they become a real keepsake.

2 Responses to “Long Awaited Baby Blanket”

  1. The blanket is gorgeous. I agree, the colours do work well together. Ros

  2. i love the bold stripes of color.
    it’s bound to be a keepsake, a treasure to be passed down from generation to the next.

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