A New Project: Something for Myself

I’m thinking about making something for myself at some point soon and can’t make up my mind as to which project I should start. They’re all patterns from Garnstudio, there’s this one:

I really like the look of it and think it’ll suit me quite well. I’m also trying to think about what colour I could use, I really like these:

104fb 107fb 106fb

Or I’m thinking of this hooded jumper:

I’m thinking these colour options:

60pa 37pa 07pa

Or then there’s this hooded jumper:

Colour choices are the following:

08es 25es 49mes

I think I will make all of them at some point, but I just have to decide which one to start with initially.

3 Responses to “A New Project: Something for Myself”

  1. I am intrigued by the dress. I think it would be really cute. But I think my favorite is the last sweater. Love it!

  2. i like them all too!
    (and i have the third one in my queue as well… someday….)

  3. they really are all lovely!
    i am totally impressed with your ambitiousness. i can never seem to make a sweater bigger than a 2 year old size. these are all fabulous though!

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