I can’t believe Luke is already 1 month old

The past four weeks have whizzed by so quickly and my little boy is already 4 weeks old…I can’t believe it. When people said that I should enjoy this time when he’s little I never thought that it goes by so very quickly. As you can probably imagine I’ve not managed to get much knitting done at all…my time has been taken up by Master Luke. Not that I mind…it’s such a joy to look into his gorgeous little face and he’s now started smiling at us already…amazing!

I’ve been able to dress him in some of his knitted outfits, as you can see above…and below:

And I think he looks rather dashing, especially in his little blue suit. It’s a shame really, because it does seem like it’s getting a tad too small for him already…can you believe it? He’s gone from weighing 3.2kg to 4kg…so is growing fast and steady!

7 Responses to “I can’t believe Luke is already 1 month old”

  1. I will stop visiting your blog, I swear! I am now so broody. 😀 He’s completely gorgeous.

  2. He is such a sweetheart. And that knitted outfit is amazing!

  3. He is so gorgeous!! He looks lovely in his suit 😀

  4. oh my goodness, oh my goodness! he’s absolutely perfect!
    a HUGE congratulations on your stunningly beautiful little boy!
    and what a lucky boy to have such awesome knits to snuggle in!

  5. oh he is so precious. what a sweet handsome little fella you’ve got there. enjoy these early months (as i know you are!!)

  6. Hello there! I seem to have missed a couple of posts. So glad I called in today though. He is really, really beautiful. You must be so proud of him! Ros

  7. oh i loved this little blue suit when you first made it but NOW it’s like 26 times cuter with him in it. what a precious little boy you have!

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