Birthday Cardigan for my Niece

I know I’ve been pretty slack blogging the last two months, but I can be forgiven, right? After all, this little fellow is keeping me quite busy:

In the meantime, I havve also been doing ‘some’ knitting, with the emphasis being on some! I did manage to finish a little cardigan for my niece for her second birthday (which was on 28th April). I can’t believe she’s already 2 years old, it only seems like yesterday that my brother told me that they were expecting. Anyway, here’s the cardigan:

I used another pattern from the folks at Garnstudio. And have to just say what a pleasure it was to knit this. The body, as you can probably see is moss stitch and I always like knitting moss stitch as it comes out so well, especially with this Drops Safran cotton yarn. Additionally, the entire cardigan was so nice and easy to knit it was the perfect project to get back into knitting after about a month off.

And then the raglan sleeves are added in and the rest of the cardigan was knitted in purl, which gives it a nice finish I think. I also managed to find these cute porcelain buttons that fit perfectly and give the cardigan that little bit of ‘che ne se qua’.

5 Responses to “Birthday Cardigan for my Niece”

  1. Pretty little cardigan. Lovely colour! Hope you are enjoying the holiday weekend. Ros

  2. Oh, he’s growing so fast and is completely adorable! I miss the tiny baby stage sometimes, mainly when Rose is in full, “NO!”, foot-stamping mode. 😀

    That cardigan is adorable. I’ve downloaded it in the hope I might get it done before Rose outgrows the size range!

  3. ah anna, luke is just the cutest little guy! and he’s getting so big! i love those big brown eyes.

    and your cardigan is lovely – i really like the sleeves and the angular feel. i’m sure it will look adorable on your niece!

  4. So so cute!

  5. oh he’s growing up so fast! what beautiful eyes he has!

    that cardigan is such a great pattern- i’m totally going over to ravelry to favorite it immediately. beautiful!

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