Retro-Style Summer Cardigan

I’ve been able to finish another little cardigan, this time for my little man.

The details are on Ravelry, but I’ll go into some detail here as well :-). It’s from a pattern from Garnstudio, with Drops Safran Cotton that I had left over, and I amended the pattern slightly. Instead of knitting the collar in moss stitch I changed it to stockinette stitch, as I think it’s a nicer finish.

I think the colour combination gives the cardigan quite a retro-style look, like something from the seventies or so. It was a really nice and easy knit and if you’re looking for an easy cardigan that’s just that little bit different, this could be it.

The combination of moss stich and stockinette stitch works really well I think and it works even better with the different colour combinations I picked as it distinguishes the differences nicely. I found some really cool buttons in my button box, but actually realised when I was putting the cardigan on Luke that they’re probably prettier to look at than practical as they get caught a little big within the buttonholes. But I’ll leave them for now as I do think they finish off the cardigan quite nicely.

4 Responses to “Retro-Style Summer Cardigan”

  1. I really love the colour combination! He looks adorable. 😀

  2. that is so darn cute! i love those retro colors. adorable!

  3. love this!
    especially the orange cuffs – perfect!
    and, as ever, you have the cutest model ever!!

  4. That is lovely, you have a great eye for colour

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