Silky Hat for my Boy

I made this hat for my little boy ages ago, I think I finished it at the end of June. It’s made from a really nice, smooth silk yarn that I bought last year somewhere (I honestly can’t remember where, sorry). All I know is that it’s lovely and soft and keeps Luke’s head cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold.

It’s a pattern that I always go back to from Garnstudio. It’s a joy to knit this hat, as it’s a really straight forward pattern that practically knits itself.

I particularly love the detail the knitting creates, like the pointed front that goes onto the forehead of the little munchkin wearing it. It actually reminds me of a hat I used to wear when I was little (my Mum kept it and gave it to me when she found out I was having a baby, but it’s more of a girly hat, so it might have to wait to be worn!).

And I can hear you asking, where’s a picture of the hat being worn??? You didn’t think I was going to withhold one, did you? Here’s Luke wearing his new silky hat when it was first finished.

And here’s a more recent picture, taken about two weeks ago.

One Response to “Silky Hat for my Boy”

  1. the hat is so sweet and it looks even sweeter on your sweet luke!

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