Blogtoberfest 2011

I just came across Blogtoberfest over on tinniegirl’s blog, and I love it! It’s such a neat idea and I’m sure that it’ll open up my little blog to loads more readers and equally will make me search for new crafty friends across the globe.  Also, I’m hoping that it might make me work on my blog a little more, i.e. to change the layout potentially, or just update it a little more so that it’s appropriate for 2011.

I’m excited and hope you’ll join me this month for posts on anything from knitting (definitely), sewing (if I can manage it), updates on Luke (of course!) and some travelling (to Germany to stay with my mother).

2 Responses to “Blogtoberfest 2011”

  1. Thanks for joining in Anna. I’m sorry to tell you that I don’t know much about WordPress and how to put buttons on. In blogger you have a layout area where you can add ‘widgets’ to your blog. If you can find this area in your blog layout area you will want to add what’s called a ‘3rd party html/javascript’ widget to your blog. Then all you need to do is go to my blog and copy the text from the box under the blog button and paste it in to the box where you add the ‘widget’. I’ll put a call out on my blog and see if someone who uses wordpress is able to help you. Alternatively maybe look through the help section or search the forums on wordpress for help.

  2. Thanks for visiting Nay’s Place and for your kind comment!

    Looking forward to hearing more about your month….especially looking forward to the Germany part 😀

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