WIP Wednesday – Blogtoberfest: Day Twelve

Here’s what I’ve been working on this week:

With the weather getting colder here I thought I’d knit some socks for Luke. This will be the first pair that he’ll have for the winter, I’m sure there’ll be more. I’ve got this great sock yarn, which I bought from the lovely Kate over at Confessions of a Graveyard Gypsy. The pattern is just a straightforward sock pattern and it flies off the needles. I knitted one sock yesterday and was hoping to finish the other one today, but I have to actually do some work first, so it might have to wait until tomorrow.

3 Responses to “WIP Wednesday – Blogtoberfest: Day Twelve”

  1. Glad you like the yarn! It’s good to see it actually being used rather than hoarded… 😛

  2. Yay – socks! I’m so impressed by people who can make socks! I’m working on a pair myself, going slow, and quite proud I’m getting less holes with each row! Thanks for visiting my blog. I’ll be popping back, I love reading blogs from the UK (my old home!) xx

  3. such sweet socks! and just in time for the cooler temps.
    such a good mama to keep luke’s feet toasty warm with handknits!

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