From a moving car – Blogtoberfest: Day Twentyfive

I write this post sitting in the taxi taking me, Luke and our luggage home from the airport. We had a really good drive from my Mum’s to the airport in Hanover in Germany, and Luke was happy almost all the way. He only started to get a little annoyed the last 10 minutes of a three hour journey.

I leave you with a picture from our stop at the services in Hildesheim (about 30 minutes from Hanover airport). Normal service will resume on here for the remaining days of Blogtoberfest tomorrow (I am rather pleased with myself that I haven’t missed a day yet!)

3 Responses to “From a moving car – Blogtoberfest: Day Twentyfive”

  1. Am impressed with Luke’s forbearance in the car! Rose was/is a very impatient traveller and can’t stand being in the car for very long before she’s trying to escape from her seat..!

  2. aw… he’s so cute.
    glad you had safe and happy travels!

  3. That’s wonderful …. what a good little traveler. Very cute photo.

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