FO: Aviatrix Hat

As it’s getting much colder here I thought I’d knit Luke another little hat. And again, I seemed to grab some left over green yarn and decided to knit the Aviatrix hat that’s available on Ravelry.

I really like the pattern, although when I initially looked at it I was really worried that it would be really complicatet. However, it’s really well written and the instructions are straightforward to follow.

I knitted the size for 12 months, but I think I picked the wrong yarn, as it’s quite snug on Luke. I’ve got some red yarn set aside to knit another one when we come back from Australia. Oh yes, by the way, we’re going to Australia in just a little over a week :-).

5 Responses to “FO: Aviatrix Hat”

  1. Stop that, you are melting my heart with all that gorgeous knitted clothing and yourl ittle man model

  2. He looks adorable. Snug hats are good for keeping warm, anyway. 🙂 And that’s another patten I had planned to knit before Rose was born and never did..!

  3. Your son is too cute in that hat! It looks like it is nice and warm. Have fun in Australia!

  4. Great job …. that hat looks awesome with the coat. Your son looks beautiful.

  5. love the hat!
    but i love it even more when luke is wearing it. he is so completely adorable!!

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