FO: Newborn Hat

Here’s a little newborn hat I knitted early this year, it think it was around January time. I made it for a colleague from mine in the US, who had a little baby girl in March.

It’s a straightforward pattern that I pretty much made up. I knitted it on double pointed needles and if I remember correctly I made it in one evening. I think the top looks really cute and is finished off nicely.

It was well received as well, but unfortunately I haven’t got a picture of the little one wearing it.

4 Responses to “FO: Newborn Hat”

  1. Nice hat, love the colours … I like the way the top is finished … looks really nice.

  2. Pretty little hat! I agree, the top looks sweet. Love the colour combination too. Ros

  3. Very cute hat – I love the colorwork! The top looks nicely finished.

  4. very sweet little hat!

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