FO: Booties (Baby Tom Wearing Them)

Another set of my baby booties, this time for my best friends baby Tom (by the way he’s not a tiny baby anymore, he’s 2 months younger than Luke, so currently he’s 7 months old).

These are my go-to booties when I need something really quick to knit. I can normally whip them up in an evening and I can use any of my leftover stash, which is very handy!

I also like the fact that any yarn thickness and any colour combination works for them, it makes them very enjoyable to knit.

And, as promised, here’s a picture of little Tom wearing them. I believe he’s just a day or a couple of days old and in the arms of his Papa, isn’t he adorable (the baby, not the Dad :-)).

One Response to “FO: Booties (Baby Tom Wearing Them)”

  1. hooray for baby tom in his booties!!
    completely adorable!!

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