WIP Wednesday

I’ve certainly been busy knitting here on holiday, and I’m currently working on a pair of newborn socks.

I love knitting newborn sock as I can knit them so quickly, I can usually make a pair in an evening. It’s taking me a little bit longer here, but that’s because I’m keeping busy with other things, like for example going to the beach!

And here are some Aviatrix hats that I’ve knitted for charity and only have to finish off by sewing in the ends.

Excuse the terrible pictures, but I’ve not got my trusty Photoshop to rely on to touch them up a little bit :-).

2 Responses to “WIP Wednesday”

  1. “…like going to the beach”


    Tiny socks are brilliant for feeling like you’ve achieved something. I knitted three quarters of a Rose-sized sock yesterday and felt like superwoman!

  2. glad to hear you’re enjoying your trip!
    the hats are lovely – i love that pattern… i should really make one too!

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