FO: Baby Socks

Is there anything more precious than tiny baby socks? Yes, probably a baby in tiny baby socks, but I only have socks for you today. Still I think these are a particular adorable pair.

This is a pair that I made for a colleague in the US, who had a little baby girl in March. I followed my own pattern and used some of my leftover stash (I love it when I can use some up for a project such as this). They’re really easy to knit and I believe I made them in one evening. They can be knitted so quickly as they’re so tiny.

I think the colour combination worked out really well, and while they might look a tad boyish, they are still pretty unisex.

3 Responses to “FO: Baby Socks”

  1. oh they *are* completely adorable!
    love the color matchups – nice job!

  2. They are so cute! Reminds me that I should knit some for my babes.

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