FO: Luke’s Blanket

Here’s the woollen blanket I made for Luke. This is the first time that I just went with straightforward stockinette stitch for this blanket (you might remember seeing blankets of similar style that have different stitch combinations). This has meant that it’s actually turned out much longer, which I actually like.

It’s a straightforward blanket for which I used Drops Karisma. It did take a while to knit as I had 200 stitches on the needle, but I think it’s definitely worth it as the size is perfect.

The colours have worked out really well. Again this is something I knitted when I thought we were having a girl, but I wanted to make sure that it would be as unisex has possible, which is why I picked those colours.

And here’s Luke wrapped in it when he was just a few hours old:

Can you believe how tiny he once was? Now he’s such a big boy, but the blanket is still keeping him warm, especially Winter is quickly approaching.

4 Responses to “FO: Luke’s Blanket”

  1. That’s a nice blanket. Oh he was so cute when he was little. As they grow you sure do forget just how tiny they were, but then you look back at photos and that’s when you realise just how little they were.

  2. beautiful!
    i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again – you certainly do know how to rock the solid colors!

  3. Your blanket is beautiful. I love knitting blankets for babies – it is something that they will have forever.

  4. What stitch is the border done in? I am fairly new to knitting and this looks like a blanket I could manage to do. Thanks.

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