Seven Little Moments

Apologies for the short hiatus, we’ve been rather busy over here in the Prasad household…but should be back to normal now.

Monday 16th January

Luke’s new walker has arrived.

Tuesday, 17th January

Snuggled up warm for a trip outside.

Wednesday, 18th January

View from the Royal Free Hospital.

Thursday, 19th January

Happy 11 months to my gorgeous boy (only another months until he’s a year old, I can hardly believe it).

Friday, 20th January

My boy in a box.

Saturday, 21st January

Toy mayhem.


Sunday, 22nd January

Empty Kilburn Grange Park on a rainy and grey Sunday.

Inspired by Just Shell.

5 Responses to “Seven Little Moments”

  1. Hi Anna
    those cows are mad, Rowan ha one and love to rumble with it. Hospital? Hope all is well. Wahoo nearly there must be a birthday plan a hatching!

  2. Time goes by so quickly and they grow up so fast ….. sadly before you know where you are they are adults. So I say enjoy all the moments when they are little. Love the cardboard box, don’t they make great toys. I can remember my children when they were little playing with a plastic bucket and pegs. they can have all the fancy toys in the world, but in the end they usually favour the simple things.

  3. Those walkers are brilliant. Rose’s is being used to push around various teddies at the moment, or as a shopping trolley for a pile of pretend veggies. 😀

  4. my goodness me, how did he get so grown up already!? thank you for sharing these precious moments!

  5. eleven months old already!?!?!
    oh goodness does time ever fly.
    you have such a sweet handsome little fella, i look forward to continuing watching him grow.
    have a good week!!

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