Something Updated

Today, I’m able to finally give you an update on my Etsy shop. I’ve still got a little bit of work to do with the header, don’t you think?

And now here are the items I’ve listed, all of them made to order. What do you think? Am I pricing things right? I’m never sure, it’s the one thing that I’m always confused about.

Finally, here’s the link to my shop:

5 Responses to “Something Updated”

  1. Nice shop and great items! I think you are priced very well. The only thing I would suggest is that you change the link to open in a new tab. That way people don’t have to try to find you again after perusing Etsy.

  2. Well done Ana, look’ great

  3. The header looks great. What a groovy little Etsy shop! Dress is a bit pricey but we both know wool is expensive so this is the reason why. All the other items look reasonably priced (and of course well made and stylish!). It’s a thumbs up from me and I must say I really enjoy watching your blog and shop go from strength to strength!

  4. looks great!
    i too think things look reasonably priced, but then again i’m a knitter and i know how much time goes into custom made handmade pieces.

  5. The shop looks great! I think things are priced well – especially for how much work goes into handknitting!

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