FO: Purple, Girly Cardigan

I’ve given you a brief view of this cardigan when I showed it to you during one WIP Wednesday…and I’m happy to say that I finished it last week and here it is in all its glory.

As you can probably see it’s  all knitted in garter stitch, which makes it a quick knit, or so I thought. the fact that the sleeves are quite long and both of them are knitted with the body for some time, makes it a longer project. Nonetheless I still enjoyed it…like all the DROPS patterns.

I like the colour and it’s actually modelled on a cardigan I knitted for Luke, or rather for our munchkin before we knew it was a boy. So, it was also purple with this girly pink border and he’s never yet worn it. But that doesn’t matter as I’ve kept it safe for number two, as and when we decide to head down that road.

As I mentioned, the sleeves are really rather long, but that’s because they’re folded over and it also means that the cardigan can probably be used much longer. I made it for my friends little girl Isla, she’s just turned one, but I made the two year size so that it would fit longer.

I did change the pattern slightly and bordered the button holes with the pink. I think it works really well and just adds a little bit of extra cuteness. But, wait until you see gorgeous Isla in the cardigan, she looks adorable, don’t you agree?

5 Responses to “FO: Purple, Girly Cardigan”

  1. Turned out very nicely. Isla’s even cuter than the sweater!!

  2. Oh that is gorgeous …. you have done such a wonderful job, and it looks so pretty on her. You are so clever. I love the contrasting pink around the collar, cuffs, button holes and neckline … oh it is just lovely.

  3. I love that cardigan and the colour and the cute buttonholes all embroidered and neat! Garter stitch takes a heck of a lot longer than you’d think because it contracts lengthwise, so you have to knit more rows than with stocking stitch. But I love the look of it and really need to knit Rose something garter stitch because the Tomten Jacket was a huge success. 🙂

  4. The cardigan is very pretty. I love the pink border – it is such a nice touch – especially the buttonholes. Knitting girly thing is such a crazy concept to me now that I have three boys.

  5. so sweet! love the feminine detailing.
    and it looks perfect on it’s new owner. very very sweet!

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