FO: Kindle Sleeve

Here’s something I whipped up for my lovely husband for Christmas, a Kindle cover.

I looked around on Raverly for an easy patter for a while, and there’s one I was able to find. But then in the end I decided to just make it up…and I used a newly-learned skill and added cables to this Kindle sleeve.

And I’m rather pleased with it. My husband was really proudly using a jiffy bag and I just thought that wouldn’t do and this seemed a nice quick project that I finished in a couple of hours, just before Christmas. He tells me he likes it, and it also acts as a sort of wedge to hold his Kindle up when he’s using it.

I also managed to find a nice covered black button that finishes the whole thing off nicely.

6 Responses to “FO: Kindle Sleeve”

  1. very nice! love all those tidy cables.

  2. I love that. 😀 I have offered to knit cozies for various bits of technology belonging to Mr B, but he won’t have it. I half-wish I had a Kindle now, so that I could cover it how I want!

  3. That looks great! You should go into business 🙂 Have a good week. ROs

  4. Just realised that knitting with dark colours in the winter is wrecking my eyes! Kindle cover is like a cosy little jumper, lucky Kindle! The cables are especially nice, you will have to show me how to do them next time we meet up. x

  5. That’s great …. didn’t think of a knitted cover for the e-reader. That looks perfect and I love the pattern. Once again you have made another great creation. Good Job.

  6. How cute is that!! I love that you made up your own pattern – it turned out nicely.

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