Seven Little Moments

Monday, 23rd January

Luke and Myron ‘cooking’!

Tuesday, 24th January

A bird on the big tree at the back of our flat…I just loved the contrast.

Wednesday, 25th January

First nappy order from Amazon has arrived, we’ve signed up to Subscribe & Save, which will be very handy.

Thursday, 26th January

A glorious day!

Friday, 27th January

My new phone, the Blackberry Bold 9900.

Saturday, 28th January

The Royal Observatory in Greenwich, we’re looking for a new house/flat there…so keep your fingers crossed for us that we find something nice.

Sunday, 29th January

Playing with the lamp.

Inspired by Just Shell.

2 Responses to “Seven Little Moments”

  1. The tree looks so stark in comparison to the tress in my garden!

  2. well there’s nothing better than a baby in a box… unless it’s two babies playing with pots and pans!
    looks like another charming week at your place.

    good luck with the house hunt!

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