Seven Little Moments

Monday, 30th January

Tidying up one of my stash boxes.

Tuesday, 31st January

My gorgeous boy in his new waiscoat again, I just couldn’t resist.

Wednesday, 1st February

The arrival of some new, gorgeous yarn.

Thursday, 2nd February

Visit to UCH, just a check-up for Luke.


Friday, 3rd February

Luke, swimming or trying to at least.

Saturday, 4th February

The Shard at London Bridge, we used to see this from our old flat, it’s grown massively since we lived there two years ago.

Sunday, 5th February

Luke wasn’t keen on the snow at all, didn’t even want to touch it.

Inspired by Just Shell.

One Response to “Seven Little Moments”

  1. another fun set of photos. i’m glad you reposted the one of luke in the mirror 🙂

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