Seven Little Moments

Monday, 13th February

There can never be enough pictures of a sleeping baby…

Tuesday, 14th February

Some more wool has arrived for some orders and some secret birthday knitting.

Wednesday, 15th February

Our moving boxes have arrived!

Thursday, 16th February

At the playground.

Friday, 17th February

One of my birthday presents from my husband…a drinks holder for the Stokke…simply brilliant!

Saturday, 18th February

Our new house, don’t you just love that red front door? We move 17th March, I can’t wait!


Sunday, 19th February

Happy birthday to my gorgeous boy!

Inspired by Just Shell.

2 Responses to “Seven Little Moments”

  1. Hi Anna, boy have I been busy with the beach house. I’ve missed commenting on all my lovely blog friends blogs. The sleeping picture is just beautiful, you captured a very special moment there and of course the home made blanket is divine. The red door is smashing, I have been trying to do a red door for ever. Look back at my posts and you will see the unfinished front door as I keep trying out different hues of reds and can’t decide on one, hence the door stays unpainted. Happy moving, I feel the joy!

  2. what a wonderful week!
    happy birthday to you and to sweet sweet luke!
    (is he wearing a luke skywalker onesie in that last photo?!?)

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