Seven Little Moments

Monday, 20th February

New buttons from TextileGarden, which I found out about on the lovely Kate’s blog.

Tuesday, 21st February

A visit to West Hampstead library with Libby.

Wednesday, 22nd February

Another visit to Classical Babies, and this time Luke wants to play too.

Thursday, 23rd February

Outing to the playground with Kiran.

Friday, 24th February

Good hands free standing action from my gorgeous boy.

Saturday, 25th February

Luke’s first ever birthday cake, banana and chocolate :-).

Sunday, 26th February

Out at the playground with Papa.

Inspired by Just Shell.

3 Responses to “Seven Little Moments”

  1. Wow! You went a bit of a button buying binge, didn’t you?! I am always happy to enable people, though. 😉

    Love the box photo, too. I have a similar picture of Rose. Toddlers are like cats when it comes to a cardboard box!

  2. Those buttons are just so gorgeous. Your little man certainly does look like he likes the piano …… a pianist in the making maybe??

  3. i love those buttons!
    and i love luke’s cake! what a clever idea to decorate with bananas!!

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