Questions & Answers (by United Knitdom)

My good friend and fellow blogger Georgina Chahed (United Knitdom) has included me in a Q&A exercise, and here are my answers to her questions:

  1. How old were you when you first started knitting/crocheting? 
    I first knitted and crochet when I was about 7 or 8 and I remember my second project was a pair of socks, thanks to my aunt Iris.
  2. What is the best thing you’ve ever made?
    I don’t think I can name just one thing…the thing I’ve loved most are the waistcoat for Luke, a dress for my niece Clara and the flouncy dress I made late last year for friends in Australia.
  3. Choose: Cats or dogs?
    Neither I’m afraid…not a big pet person…if I really could choose it would be a monkey.
  4. What’s your dream holiday destination and why?
    Australia and Italy: Australia because of the sunshine, the sea and the general relaxed attitudes of the country and Italy because of the sunshine, the food, the language and the culture.
  5. What’s your #1 tip for beginner bloggers?
    Read and comment on blogs you like, you make blogging friends that way, and post regularly (doesn’t have to be every day if you’re not up to it in the beginning)!
  6. In life, who is your biggest inspiration?
    My mother, she raised me and my brother (twins) by herself, whilst holding down several jobs at times and I thank her for it every day!
  7. Are you going to any music festivals this year, if so which ones?
    No, none.
  8. What inspires you most when knitting or crocheting?
    Thinking about the person I’m knitting for and how good they’ll look in the item.
  9. Choose: City or country?
    A little bit of both!
  10. Choose: Shoes or handbags?
    I would have said shoes…but now with a little one, shoes have to be practical!
  11. What’s your favourite dessert?
    I don’t just have one, but up there are: ice cream, banoffee pie and anything with chocolate!
  12. What’s your best tried and tested recipe?
    Chicken with a creamy leek sauce and roasted potatoes.

Next the challenge calls for me to ask 12 questions of another set of 12 bloggers. Here are my 12.

I  have to dream up 12 questions to ask a further 12 other bloggers. The bloggers I’ve chosen are:

  1. Kara from knitting lemonade
  2. Melissa from Knitting Sandwich
  3. Claire from Knitting Sandwich
  4. Kate from Confessions of a Graveyard Gypsy
  5. Roberta from Rowantree Design
  6. Jo from sewmuchchoice 
  7. Shannon from A Life Flexible
  8. Anna from Peacerebel
  9. Michele from Posh Knits
  10. Ann-Marie from youngblondesandblackrappas
  11. Ros from Snoopydogknits
  12. Cathy from tinniegirl

My questions are:

  1. How to you pick your crafting projects?
  2. What’s your favourite craft?
  3. Choose: Spring or summer?
  4. How did you decide what your blog should focused on?
  5. What is your greatest craft accomplishment?
  6. How do you treat yourself?
  7. What are your hopes for life?
  8. What are your dreams?
  9. Is there anything you would change in your life?
  10. What makes you happy?
  11. What’s your favourite food?
  12. Any crafting tips for anyone starting out?

5 Responses to “Questions & Answers (by United Knitdom)”

  1. Liking your answers. A LOT!

  2. Now I have to use my brain. 😦 I like your answers, though! Will have a think over the weekend. 🙂

  3. Thank you for including me in the question and answer exercise, made me really have to think!

  4. very fun!
    i’m going to cheat though and just answer your questions here… i hope that’s okay 🙂
    1. usually it’s by who has a birthday coming up…
    2. knitting. hands down.
    3. spring. i hate summer. too hot and humid. yuck.
    4. we started the sandwich so the three of us could keep track of eachother’s crafty adventures… then it sort of grew from there.
    5. hmmmm…. can i count lily? 🙂
    off the top of my head i’d have to go with the shawl i knit my sister for her wedding.
    6. with a fancy coffee or a nap.
    7. wow, that’s a big one… i’ll have to go with inner peace. heh heh, a gal’s gotta have goals, right?
    8. i would love to travel more.
    9. nope.
    well, i wish i had more cats… but my husband won’t let me.
    10. lots of things… fancy coffee, cats, my family… watching my woodpeckers visit the tree outside my livingroom window…. knitting, friends, knitting with friends.
    11. i don’t know if i have a *favorite* food… can i use coffee as my answer again? 🙂
    12. don’t be too self-conscious. no one is perfect when they start something new. just keep at it!

  5. Woah, Anna, what are you up to? 🙂
    Ok, I’ll do it. Just for you. See the answers in my blog 🙂 But sorry, I won’t ask other bloggers, just because I don’t have any friends except from you.

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