Parcel from Australia

Look what arrived all the way from Australia:

It’s the parcel from the lovely Roberta at Rowantree Design. You may remember I knitted the little blue waistcoat for her gorgeous grandson Rowan. We did a swap for one of her overalls, here’s a little sneak peek:

The romper came in this brilliant bag (it might be something I have to steal from Roberta, it’s such a fantastic idea!). And here is the romper in all its glory, I promise to take some pictures of Luke wearing it tomorrow, although it’s probably a little too cold for it at the moment and I think it might be a tad too big at the moment. But it’ll be perfect in the summer!

And have a look at what Roberta also included for Luke, the best T-Shirt ever! Thank you so much Roberta, we’re going to cherish both!

4 Responses to “Parcel from Australia”

  1. Oh Anna I’m so surprised it arrived really quickly and all that way. So happy you love it.

  2. Those overalls are gorgeous … so beautiful. What a wonderful idea for the two of you to swap. So nice.

  3. They’re adorable! I’d like to get Rose something similar for the summer, too. *bookmarks site*

  4. ak! those overalls are adorable!! what a perfect swap!

    and i love that tshirt!!

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