Seven Little Moments

Monday, 5th March

First pair of shoes!

Tuesday, 6th March

Dinner with my mum’s at The Wet Fish Cafe.

Wednesday, 7th March

Gorgeous roses from my husband.

Thursday, 8th March

International Women’s Day and we met friends at Tate Modern, and can you guess who that woman in the purple coat is (hint: she used to be the First Lady  in the UK).

Friday, 9th March

Ball pit at Hopscotch Drop-In Centre, Luke loved it!

Saturday, 10th March

Watching Mama clean up the balcony.

Sunday, 11th March

Helping Mama and Papa to dismantle the wardrobes…

Inspired by Just Shell.

3 Responses to “Seven Little Moments”

  1. wow rubbing shoulders with the X First Lady, very posh indeed! which one is your mum all the ladies look so young!

  2. Looks like your little one is having fun with the moving, especially trying out the drawers. Love your beautiful roses. A very cute little pair of shoes.

  3. first shoes?!!? oh sniff… he’s growing up. 🙂

    looks like you’ve had a busy but wonderful (ex-first lady?!? fancy!) week.
    what lovely flowers. you have a darling and thoughtful husband.

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