New House: Luke’s Room

We’ve had glorious weather today and we had a few friends over for a ‘mini-housewarming’ as my husband called it. So, that meant a good tidy up and I actually got the chance to take pictures of our new house. Over the  next few days I’ll show you some of the rooms, first it’s Luke’s room.

The room we’re using for him is painted a lovely blue and gets amazing morning sunshine, that is after I remove his blackout blind (wouldn’t want him to wake up too early as we’re going into Summer). The dolphin picture was already in the room, but it actually fits well I think.

The rocking chair that we used in his previous room still fits very well and still gets used quite a lot, not just by me, but also by Luke now. He loves climbing onto it and rocking on it standing up. Only when we’re around of course!

The great thing about this new place is that we have huge amounts of space, also in Luke’s room. And this is an extra chest of drawers that our landlady had left us and it’s great for storing nappies, wipes and loads of other things. We’ve also been able to add the mirror, which used to stand on the floor in Luke’s old room, meaning that I was always worried about him knocking it over. It’s definitely much better on the wall!

I’ve also finally been able to put up the drawing that I actually did when I was little, I can’t remember exactly how old I was, but my Mama saved it for me and gave it to me when I was pregnant with Luke. It’s a tad high, but I think it still works quite well. On the mantle we’ve got Luke’s birthday present that we gave him. We’re hoping that we’ll be able to add to it for Christmas presents and birthday presents in the future.

We’ve also put up the shelves again that we got from Ikea, as they’re great storage for Luke’s toys.

The changing table has a good spot as well and I’ve been able to put another one of the drawings my ‘Mama’ sent me up on the wall.

And we’ve also put up some new gels on the windwows. A couple of pirates, some flowers and some dogs, all of which Luke loves.

And finally we’ve also put up Luke’s dancing fairies in the window, which is where they can gently sway in the breeze.

3 Responses to “New House: Luke’s Room”

  1. Love your babies room, that is so gorgeous. Love the things stuck on the window … looks great.

  2. Glad the house move all went well! Have a good week. Ros

  3. luke’s new room is adorable!
    it is so special that you have art work from your childhood hanging up. what a treasure!

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