Seven Little Moments (19-25 March)

Monday, 19th March

Luke and the the Virgin Media engineer.

Tuesday, 20th March

On the way to the  playground, with gorgeous sunshine.

Wednesday, 21st March

Back at the playground in West Hampstead.

Thursday, 22nd March

Trying out the swing in the garden.

Thursday, 23rd March

Meeting Papa for an early dinner at the O2 Arena.

Saturday, 24th March

Sunny garden.

Sunday, 25th March

Look who’s walking.

Inspired by Just Shell.

4 Responses to “Seven Little Moments (19-25 March)”

  1. Great pics! Another milestone reached. Luke is such a cutie! Ros

    • Hi Anna, it’s me, Snoopydog. I’m still having probs leaving you messages under my Blogger name, which is the Snoopydogknits blog that I use. I seem to have to log in with an old wordpress account and then of course it instantly uploads my message to you. Ros

  2. So cute and looks like he’s loving that swing. Kids are so curious at his age. Lovely to see him walking.

  3. eeee! look at him walking!! oh goodness, such a grownup!!

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