New House: Main Bedroom

Here’s another look into our new house. This is the main bedroom…which I love! I think it’s the biggest room in the house and I know it’s the biggest bedroom I’ve ever had. It would actually fit our bed twice over I think.

I also like the dark red walls, it gives the room a very warm feeling. And I think our bed matches the walls nicely.

The other thing I love about this room are the built-in wardrobes…such an amazing storage solution. The fact that out of the four doors two of them have mirrors is also equally amazing.

And our shelves fit nicely on the one wall and I think it looks rather good too.

Only one issue with the shelves being there, Luke’s now getting into them all the time and emptying them. However, I seem to have solved that problem by just putting things on the shelves that he can reach that he can actually play with.

One Response to “New House: Main Bedroom”

  1. lovely! i like the dark red walls as well. it looks like you get a lot of natural light in the room too.
    oh mr.luke… always the helper. 🙂

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