Seven Little Moments

Monday, 16th April

Visiting Papa at work and trying out the Boris bikes.

Tuesday, 17th April

Luke’s new carpet. 

Wednesday, 18th April

Luke checking out the electoral booklet, don’t think he’s that keen on voting for a new mayor.

Thursday, 19th April

Happy 14 Month Luke!

Friday, 20th April

 Hail stones on our conservatory roof.

Saturday, 21st April

The 1 mile mark for the London Marathon, just up the street from us.

Sunday, 22nd April

Lunching in the garden.

Inspired by Just Shell.

6 Responses to “Seven Little Moments”

  1. Your life is filled with so many sweet moments. Which is not surprising with that darling Luke.

  2. Love the life saver outfit. What a little chamipon, all ready for Bondi!

  3. Some really cute photos of Luke. I love the one of him ripping the book …. he is so contemplative. Looks like he doesn’t want to vote any time soon. It’s a lovely photo and the last one with his eyes closed. Very cute.

  4. love his new rug!
    and oh what a helpful voter he is – guess that’s why we have a minimum voting age 🙂

    and oh golly, stop the presses!! luke in his lifesaver outfit is just too much. seriously anna, your son is just too cute for words!

  5. Such lovely family activities. Love Luke’s new rug! He’s growing so quickly. Have a fun week. Ros

  6. georginajamal Says:

    Hi honey,

    Great to have a sneaky peak at what you’ve all been up to. How’s things?

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