FO: Another Birthday Vest

Back in March I finished another Birthday vest for one of Luke’s friends, Myron. You’ve seen pictures on here of the two together. Sorry it’s taken me until now to add it on here. But without further ado here we go.

I used the same pattern as the one I made for Luke last year.  It’s really easy to knit and I love the cables.

The back is knitted in garter stitch, and I always find that it looks like the wrong side, but when a little munchkin is wearing it, it’s fine.

I had some nice red buttons in my stash, they finish off the entire vest nicely I think.

5 Responses to “FO: Another Birthday Vest”

  1. I love that vest. The buttons really contrast nicely. I must get round to knitting a DROPS pattern!

  2. Oh cute vest …. I just joined up Ravelry … found a cute pair of converse sneakers to crochet. They are so cute.

  3. I love those cables and the red buttons look so good

  4. That’s one cute vest! So useful too. I love the little contrasting buttons. Ros

  5. oh i absolutely love this! the cables and the buttons are perfect!!

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