Seven Little Moments

Monday, 14th May

The fourth frog escaping from what used to be our pond.

Tuesday, 15th May

At ‘Forest School’ a new group we’ve joined in our new neighbourhood.

Wednesday, 16th May

Another two new pairs of shoes for our little monkey. He’s much faster with his new ‘walking’ shoes and is mainly running now.

Thursday, 17th May

Tomato plants give to us at our housewarming.

Friday, 18th May

 My little helper.

Saturday, 20th May

Boxes are still the best toy!

Sunday, 21st May

The roses outside our living room window.

Inspired by Just Shell.

6 Responses to “Seven Little Moments”

  1. Those roses are beautiful! I have some out in my front garden, too, and cut some to sniff indoors. 🙂

  2. Hello Lovely, Those shoes make me all goose bumpy! Rowan has two pairs of shoes that he loves wearing, he totters around in them. They look like little men on the moon…..Hi Papa bought him a tiny pair of converse on the weekend! Bless
    and the sock I would love a pair, size 7-8 in grey stripe would be so much fun! Let me know how to pay you. xxx

    • annatestadoro Says:

      Hi Roberta,

      I know what you mean, we’re thinking of getting Luke a pair of sandals next (we’ve finally got some warm weather over here).

      I’ve ordered the yarn for your socks and if you’d like to pay via Paypal that would be great. However, I’m registered there with my old email address which is:



  3. Love your photos, they are so good. Looks like you are settling in well in your new neighbourhood. I always think that boxes are such a fun thing for kids to play with, and they seem to love them. I don’t know why some people spend money on expensive toys. Love the new little shoes, they are beautiful and those roses are exquisite.

  4. tomatoes! great 🙂

  5. boxes are the best!!

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