FO: Fancy Lacy Cardigan

You might remember my WIP Wednesday post from two weeks ago. Well, I’ve finally finished it. In fact I finished it last week, but have been waiting to take photo’s. So without further ado, here it is.

The yarn I used was DROPS Vivaldi for the body and DROPS Cotton Viscose for the lace and while I loved knitting with the latter the DROPS Vivaldi wasn’t as pleasant to knit with. It’s got mohair content in it and that makes it stick, so there was a number of occasions when I had to unravel and that wasn’t very easy at all.

However, I do actually like the effect of the Vivaldi when it’s knitted. The DROPS Cotton Viscose I’ve used before and I still really like it. It’s really nice how the lace looks with that particular yarn.

I like the colour combination as well, and I have to be honest I can’t take the credit for that, it was my friend who picked these colours. I was knitting this for her niece, but I think she picked those colours because she really likes them and if she liked the finished cardigan she’s even considering keeping it :-).

The other thing that I found a little bit frustrating was the lenght it took to knit it, I’m just so used to knitting baby clothes that are so quick and easy to knit that this was just taking far to long for my liking.

And I really like how the lace looks, I do hope my friend likes it, I’ll be giving it to her on Saturday.

4 Responses to “FO: Fancy Lacy Cardigan”

  1. I think you were pretty fast! 🙂

    Love the pattern, too!

  2. Oh Anna, that is just gorgeous … I love it. The pattern is really really nice. So different and stylish. You’ve done a great job. I’d never have known it would look like this when I saw part of it in your other post.

  3. oh anna, it turned out absolutely beautifully. wonderful wonderful work!!

  4. This looks absolutely gorgeous. Well worth the time and effort. Well done! Ros

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