Seven Little Moments

Monday, 4th June

Eating like a big boy.

Tuesday, 5th June

Mama and Luke.

Wednesday, 6th June


Thursday, 7th June

More buttons from TextileGarden.

Friday, 8th June

Off for our first anniversary dinner at Claridges. First night off from Luke, thanks to fantastic friends and babysitters Kersti and Nathan.

Saturday, 9th June

Eating forest fruit chocolate cupcake that Mama made.

Sunday, 10th June


Inspired by Just Shell.

3 Responses to “Seven Little Moments”

  1. Love your photos …. really nice. Love the little man’s head peeping out the upstairs window, very cute. Wow those cakes look good and your little man obviously thinks so too. Love those buttons, very pretty.

    Looks like you had a lovely evening out. Something you need to do every now and again, so that your marriage is recharged.

  2. Happy Anniversary! 😀

  3. happy anniersary!! i love your dress – you look absolutely gorgeous!

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