FO: Stripey Vest

My friend that I knitted some items for late last year, she was selling them for charity, ordered a vest and socks. I know I showed you the vest in a WIP Wednesday post, I actually managed to finish it last week and posted it on Tuesday.

I absolutely love the yarn. It’s DROPS Baby Alpaca Silk, which is half mulberry silk and half alpaca,  it’s the most gorgeously soft yarn that I’ve ever knit with and it makes the garment incredibly soft.

This is the first DROPS pattern that I didn’t completely love. The body of the vest itself was easy enough, it was knitted in one on circular needles on the round. But then I had to add a rib to the front, the back, the two armholes and at the top for the buttons. I just found it a little bit time consuming picking up the stitches.

Nonetheless, I do love the end result, I think it’s another really smart vest for a little boy and I’m sure it’ll look good on the little boy receiving it as a gift from my friend.

4 Responses to “FO: Stripey Vest”

  1. I love soft wool and it can’t be itchy because it irritates me …. this wool sounds beautiful. Love this vest, really nice.

  2. It’s very cute! Can understand the time-consuming part, though. I love finding patterns that have all the collar and button bands knitted as you go (because I am lazy!).

  3. My son is the lucky recipient of this beautiful vest! He looks super cute in it and the wool is so soft! Thank you so much. It is our favourite item of clothing ever!

  4. oh it’s absolutely adorable! i love it!!

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