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Goodbye, New Home

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I guess it’s time, I do have to make the jump officially.  After 17,936 views on this blog…hang on I have to pause for that. 17,936 views on this blog, that’s amazing :-). Anyway, after that many blogs I’m  moving over to my official blog, with a proper logo and proper url. I do hope those that are subscribed will join me and those of you that are my lovely loyal readers will also come and move over with me.

From now on you’ll find me here:

New post over on:

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WIP Wednesday

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Here’s what I’ve been working on recently, my new website:

Seven Little Moments

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Monday, 25th June

Something ate all my strawberry flowers, so that means no strawberries for us :-(.

Tuesday, 26th June

Poor Luke’s week went a little like this…loads of time spent on the sofa.


Wednesday, 27th

Summer fruit, shame about the weather here in England.

Thursday, 28th June

Yes, it is indeed a red tomato, or at least getting red.

Friday, 29th June

Ready to get the dressing removed.

Saturday, 30th June

The boys together again.

Sunday, 1st July

Gorgeous sunflower.

Inspired by Just Shell.